A-Outpatient Clinic: which carries out the following

1-Eye Examination

2- Retina Examination

3- Vision examination (Optometry)

4-Measuring of cornea thickness

5-Orbscan (Analyses the physical shape/contours of the cornea)

            A-Cornea thickness

            B-Surface of the Cornea (Topography)  

            C- Cross-Eye-Strabisums

            D- Curving of the intend surface of the cornea

6- Zywave  

7- A- Biometry scan to diagnose the necessary degree of lens needed for the eye

     B- Scan to study the retina and vitreous  

8-Yag Laser

            A- Laser Iridotomy

            B- Laser Capsulotomy

9- Humphrey   for the visual field   

10-Angiography for the eye

11-Diode Laser