cataract Videos List

2-2-716G-7R Dr O.malauzat reviews Inamura Capsulorhexis Forceps
2-2-716G-8R Calladine-Inamura Round Handle Capsulorhexis-Forceps
2-2-716GN New Inamura Capsulorhexis Forceps Incision size down to 1.6 mm
8-601-2 Inamura Multipurpose Cannula
9-840 & 9-841 Cionni Toric Markers
9-705R-1 & 9-729-1 Toric Markers for Asian eyes
2-2-87-17 2.2mm Micro-Coaxial Surgical Case
2-2-818 Inamura Talon Prechopper
2-2-819 Masaoka Paddle Pre-Chop Forceps
DK7797-2 & DK7717 Injector & Forceps for the Alcon Monarch D Cartridge
6-074 Arasaslan Nucleus Chopper
6-075 & Dk7797 Fat Boy Nucleus Chopper & Injector
6-085-2 Graham Barrett Unique Phaco-Axe Nucleus Chopper
6-086-4 Inamura Race Hook Nucleus Chopper Rotator
7-818 Sugiura Ciliary Sulcus Pad Injector
7-815 Ota Intraocular Needle Injector
1-705 IOL Removal using Osher Angled IOL Cutter
6-140 Mackool Cataract Support System
Basic BiManual by Richard Packard
8-699 Akyuz Irrigating Manipulator